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Transition time, from Summer to School and Fall

I had an idea to shoot the white dog against a black backround. Natural light, outdoors. I have a wonderful flexible backround I leaned up against our white fence. Time to play around with the back yard studio…

All went well until the dog decided he was afraid of the black backround. He would not get near it, and when he did, he would not look at me. Treats did nothing.
So I gave up, and just got a shot of him on the grass.
Then of course I could not get the backdrop twisted and folded up, it’s like a spring that will not go back to where it came from. Finally Stan helped me put it away. I found a smaller reflector, and played around inside with natural light coming in the window. Chriss the dog, still not really willing, but Stan finally gave in and was willing to pose. 
Just for fun, here are 2 of Chriss, one outside with black, one inside.

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